Programme 2019
As of 19 December 2018

1 CSE-C2-M-19

“C-WMD National Strategies – The Mechanics of Regional Cooperation”

Overview, PDF

Agenda, PDF

US-EUCOM, DTRA, HR 05-02-2019 07-02-2019 RACVIAC, HR
2 CSE-C1-W-19

Chemical Weapons Convention Workshop

Overview, PDF

Agenda, PDF

Report, PDF

OPCW 11-02-2019 14-02-2019 RACVIAC, HR
3 CSE-A1-C-19

Agreement on Sub-Regional Arms Control (Dayton Article IV) - Orientation Course

Overview, PDF

Agenda, PDF

Report, PDF

RS, DE, BwVC 25-03-2019 30-03-2019 RS

41st MAG Meeting

Agenda, PDF

Administrative Info, PDF

08-04-2019 09-04-2019 Athens, GR
5 IRC-L1-W-19

Building Integrity and Preventing Corruption: “Regional Workshop on Whistleblowing in the Security Sector”

Overview, PDF

Agenda, PDF

RAI, ME 07-05-2019 08-05-2019 ME
6 IRC-O1-C-19

Cyber Security/Training on WMD Cyber Crimes Investigations

Overview, PDF

Agenda, PDF

DTRA 26-06-2019 01-06-2019 RACVIAC, HR
7 IRC-P1-W-19

Energy Security Workshop

Overview, PDF

Agenda, PDF

RO 04-06-2019 07-06-2019 RO
8 CSE-A2-CF-19

Arms Control Symposium

Overview, PDF

Agenda, PDF

DE, BwVC 01-07-2019 03-07-2019 RACVIAC, HR
9 CSE-A3-C-19

Vienna Document – Verification and Compliance Course

HU, DE, HR, BwVC 09-09-2019 13-09-2019 HU
10 SSR-H1-C-19

Gender Training of the Trainers Course

NCGM, CAF, AT,DE,HR 08-09-2019 20-09-2019 RACVIAC, HR
11 MAG

MAG POC Meeting

25-09-2019 27-09-2019 RACVIAC, HR
12 SSR-E1-M-19

Annual Meeting of the Representatives from Defense and Security Committees from SEE Parliaments

DCAF, AL, AT 02-10-2019 03-10-2019 AL
13 MAG

42nd MAG Meeting

09-10-2019 11-10-2019 RACVIAC, HR
14 CSE-C3-M-19

C-WMD - Proliferation Security Initiative

US-EUCOM, DTRA, HR 16-10-2019 17-10-2019 ME
15 SSR-Q1-S-19

Crisis/Disaster Management

28-10-2019 30-10-06-2019 RACVIAC, HR
16 IRC-N1-W-19

Workshop on Developing Strategies on Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Foreign Terrorist Fighters

OSCE BA, OSCE/TNT, UNODC, RCC 11-11-2019 15-11-2019 RACVIAC, HR
17 SSR-Q2-CF-19

Conference on Security Challenges for Europe

KAS, AT, HR 26-11-2019 28-11-2019 RACVIAC, HR
18 CSE-C4-W-19

Nuclear Security Detection Architecture – Workshop 5

IAEA 02-12-2019 06-12-2019 RACVIAC, HR

Annual Programme

Security dialogue and security sector reform, as well as arms control, confidence and security building measures are core activities of RACVIAC. RACVIAC continues to explore cooperation with other partners on such issues as disarmament, non-proliferation, export control, counter–terrorism, combating international organized crime, integrated border management, and civil emergency planning, issues which deserve to be maintained as part of a wider regional security cooperation agenda.

In preparing RACVIAC’s program of activities, systematic consultation by RACVIAC with RACVIAC’s main partners, such as NATO, the EU, OSCE and bilateral partners is needed. RACVIAC will also foster dialogue with civil society, academia and opinion makers. In terms of participation and contribution, RACVIAC activities are open to all MAG Countries (Members, Associate Members, Observers), other countries, and international organizations and institutions pursuing similar strategic objectives as RACVIAC such as UN, NATO, EU, OSCE. With regard to the specified target audience of an activity, RACVIAC also invites its participants and lecturers, upon consulting governmental institutions and partner organizations.