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22 January 2018

Ninth Meeting of the C-WMD Network

)The ninth meeting of the RACVIAC C-WMD Network national working/drafting groups titled „C-WMD National Strategies – Current Threat Environment & Cyber Elements of a C-WMD Strategy“ started on 22 January 2018.

RACVIAC has been organizing these meetings since 2015 with the continuous support from U.S European Command (USEUCOM), U.S. Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the International Counterproliferation Program (ICP), European Union, and Republic of Croatia.

Opening the meeting RACVIAC Director Ambassador Haydar Berk said that based on the agreed Roadmap for the development of national strategies to counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction the project is about to complete its drafting phase, which will be followed by a validation and testing period, and that he is pleased to see the progress made so far. Since each workshop covers the different aspects needed for developing National strategies RACVIAC is trying to gather experts in specific fields and lines of work to share their knowledge and experience. Thus, Ambassador Berk expressed a special welcome to the experts from INTERPOL, Frontex, and the World Health Organization.


Welcoming the participants on behalf of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia Mr Petar Mihatov, Assistant Minister for Defence Policy, said that SEE is facing different security threats: interethnic tensions, quasi nationalism, fragile state institutions, underdeveloped civil societies, corruption and organized crime, as well as contemporary security challenges such as migration. He continued by saying that the EU and NATO need to realize that a stable SEE is in their interest and that they need to engage more in the region. On the other hand SEE countries need to carry out the reforms and assume political responsibility to cope with the security challenges, he stressed.

LtC Charity Hartley from DTRA said that SEE is really setting the example for regional partnership in the WMD arena. )

The event is divided into two parts. The first day is organized as a roundtable aimed to overview the current threat environment and its impact on SEE. In continuation the meeting will continue facilitating the development of national C-WMD Strategies and Action Plans focusing on cyber elements of a C-WMD Strategy, which will be the central theme of the event.

More than 60 participants, mostly members of the core national working/drafting groups and experts working on cyber issues, legal issues, and intelligence, are attending this four-day event.

18 January 2018

MAG POC Meeting held in RACVIAC

)A Meeting of Point of Contacts of RACVIAC - Centre for Security Cooperation Multinational Advisory Group was held on 18 January 2018, with the aim to coordinate and discuss details related to the activities planned in RACVIAC Programme 2018.

At the opening of the Meeting RACVIAC Director Ambassador Haydar Berk welcomed the representatives from Members, Associate members and participants saying that the Centre had an intensive 2017 having conducted 28 activities and 2018 also be a busy period. He pointed out that RACVIAC is determined to increase its efforts to foster security dialogue and cooperation in SEE in 2018 as well by focusing on contemporary security challenges, such as weapons of mass destruction, foreign terrorist fighters, cyber security, border security, and different aspects of arms control and security sector reform.


Following the introductory address by RACVIAC Director, RACVIAC Programme Managers Col Servet Aya, (Cooperative Security Environment with focus on Arms Control Pillar) and Ms Ana Ezhova Krzhaloska (International and Regional Cooperation with focus on Euroatlantic Integration Pillar), and Activity Manager Maj Božo Dukarić (Security Sector Reform Pillar) presented the Programme for 2018 within their respective Pillars and projection for 2019. Ms Ivana Barbara Blažević presented activities planned in the RACVIAC C-WMD Network project as well as its roadmap for the future.

Later on Major Jasminka Šoić, Chief of Administration and Finance Cell, provided information regarding the current financial situation while putting emphasis on the Programme part of the Budget 2018. )

In continuation the meeting focused on a discussion regarding specific aspects of member countries’ and contributing partners’ participation related to the academic and financial support to activities. This opportunity was used to share information on possibilities of improving the quality and visibility of RACVIAC activities by upgrading the participant level and engagement. Furthermore, the current stage of ongoing preparations of jointly organized and hosted activities was consulted.

Closing the event Ambassador Berk thanked the Members, Associate members and participants representatives for all valuable contribution made to RACVIAC so far and added that the Centre counts on their active engagement and support.

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