Newsletter 2003


#01, June 2003

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Newsletter #1
  • RACVIAC and SEESAC sign Memorandum of Understanding
  • First combined Dayton Article IV Course with NATO School Oberammergau
  • 7th MAG Meeting
  • Aerial Observation Course
  • German guards stay at RACVIAC
  • RACVIAC staff visit "Centre Stančić" for work therapy and rehabilitation

#02, September 2003

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Newsletter #2
  • RACVIAC and DCAF Join Forces
  • The Heads of Verification Agencies meet at RACVIAC
  • 8th MAG Meeting
  • First join RACVIAC/SEESAC Seminar
  • Training Course in Serbia & Montenegro
  • The "Oslo Guidelines" – military and civil defence assets in disaster relief

#03, December 2003

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Newsletter #3
  • Croatia awards RACVIAC Chief of staff and first MAG Chairperson
  • Director of RACVIAC visits Moldova
  • Farewell for a founding member of RACVIAC
  • Aerial Observation Course
  • Workshop on "The impact of disasters on the security environment in SEE – Regional efforts"
  • Seminar on "Modernizing and reshaping armed forces in SEE countries"