Newsletter 2004


#04, April 2004


Newsletter #4
  • Moldova joins RACVIAC during 9th MAG Meeting
  • The Director of RACVIAC meets the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Croatia
  • Dr. Erhard Busek visits RACVIAC
  • Informative seminar on SALW
  • 1st Manpower Planning Meeting
  • 2nd Budget Planning Meeting

#05, September 2004

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Newsletter #5
  • Change of command in RACVIAC
  • Brigadier General Stergios Papotis, The new Director of RACVIAC
  • Defence ministers of S&M and BA visit RACVIAC
  • 10th MAG Meeting
  • Joint DCAF/RACVIAC seminar – Smart Borders Project
  • RACVIAC participated in Working Table III Meet of the SP

#06, December 2004

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Newsletter #6
  • Ambassador Primoze commended RACVIAC in Skopje
  • Director of RACVIAC at the SP Regional Table Meeting in Skopje
  • Dayton Article IV Training Course
  • First joint RACVIAC/SIPRI Seminar
  • The 1st Friends of Chair Meeting
  • Workshop on tackling SALW trafficking in SEE