Newsletter 2006


#11, March 2006

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Newsletter #11
  • 14th MAG Meeting in RACVIAC 
  • RACVIAC hosted OSCE Meetings
  • C-4 Dayton Article IV Training Course
  • First WG1 Meeting on Transition of Military Personnel
  • First WG2 Meeting on Military Base Conversion
  • SIPRI/RACVIAC joint Seminar on Dual Use Export Control
  • High level visits to RACVIAC

#12, June 2006

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Newsletter #12
  • Director's report on visit to NATO HQ and EU
  • RACVIAC increasing visibility abroad
  • Border Security seminar in RACVIAC
  • First WG3 Meeting on Restructuring redundant military industries
  • Friendship meeting/international study of political sciencestudents
  • RACVIAC at the VD '99 event in Germany

#13, October 2006

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Newsletter #13
  • 15th MAG Meeting in RACVIAC
  • RACVIAC visit to NATO Headquarters in Brussels
  • Heads of Verification Centers Meeting in RACVIAC
  • Open Skies - Lessons Learned Course
  • RACVIAC/CESS joint seminar on DCAF
  • SSR in SEE and the role of RACVIAC article

#14, December 2006

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Newsletter #14
  • RACVIAC at the SP Regional and WT III Meeting
  • Address of Finland's Ambassador at ESDP Seminar
  • RACVIAC&CROMAC first joint course
  • First seminar on military education programmes in Europe
  • RACVIAC at SEESIM 06 Exercise in Bucharest
  • RACVIAC at seminar on Civil-Mil Related Guiding Documents