Support to Management

Operations Manager

Operations Manager is responsible for:

  • the coordination and control of basic staff work and the flow of information within RACVIAC;
  • coordination with the RACVIAC Pillars and Planning and Liaison regarding the planning and implementation of RACVIAC activities;
  • the Human resources management and personnel administration of international staff.
Maj Danko VUK, HR, Operations Manager      

Planning and Liaison Officers

Planning & Liaison officers are responsible for:

  • Collation and evaluation of information regarding the political and governmental systems of the SEE region;
  • Liaison with international and regional governmental and non-governmental organizations and initiatives (NATO, OSCE, EU, UN, UNDP, OPCW, GCSP, DCAF, etc;
  • Planning of future RACVIAC activities, and the Analysis of the results and conclusions of all RACVIAC activities.
Col Gerhard SCHWEIGER, AT, Planning & Liaison Officer for Western Europe and International Organisations   Ms Kloalda KAMBERI, AL, Planning & Liaison Officer for South Eastern Europe    

Public Affairs & RACVIAC / MAG Secretariat

Public Affairs is responsible for raising the visibility of RACVIAC among OSCE countries and within the region, by increasing public knowledge and by promoting public understanding of RACVIAC's mission, its roles and capabilities.

RACVIAC/MAG Secretariat is responsible for the preparation, organisation, correspondence and minutes of all RACVIAC activities and MAG meetings.

Cpt Jasmina VRGOČ, HR, Public Affairs Officer   Ms Glorija IVKOVIĆ, HR, Business & MAG Secretary   Ms Sanja ROMIĆ, MAES, HR, Language Specialist   Ms Vesna IVEKOVIĆ, HR, Language Specialist   Mr Miroslav VIDALINA, HR, Personal Assistant to the Director