Ambassador Haydar Berk, TR
Date and place of birth: November 30, 1954, Çan- Çanakkale, Turkey

22 October 2015
Director of RACVIAC - Centre for Security Cooperation, Zagreb, Croatia


Area of Responsibility

    The Director acts as the official representative of RACVIAC. He/she is responsible for the direction and control of all the elements of operation of RACVIAC. He/she tasks all personnel attached or assigned to RACVIAC within the limits of RACVIAC SOPs and relevant explicit national regulations, to fulfil RACVIAC’s mission. He/she also implements the general guideline decisions for the operation of RACVIAC as given by the Multinational Advisory Group (MAG) and informs MAG, through the MAG Chairperson, on all matters of substance.  


    Graduate of the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Ankara


    Turkish, English

Previous Engagements & Experiences

    1977-1978 – II. Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

    1978-1979 Military Service
    1979-1980II. Secretary in the U.N. Affairs Department, MFA

    1980-1983 Vice Consul/Consul at the Turkish General Consulate in Karlsruhe, Germany
    1983-1985 First Secretary of the Turkish Embassy, Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates
    1985-1987 Chief of Section in the Middle East Department, MFA
    1987-1991 Counsellor at the Turkish Embassy, Washington DC, USA
    1991-1993 Head of Department for U.S.A. and Canada, MFA
    1993-1997 Counsellor / First Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy,Bonn, Germany
    1997-1998 Head of Department for U.S.A. and Canada, MFA
    1998-2001 Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Director General for Maritime and Aviation Affairs, MFA
    2001-2005 Ambassador to the Republic of Bulgaria, (awarded the medal of Stara Planina)
    2006-2007 Ambassador, Director General for Maritime and Aviation Affairs, MFA
    2007-2009 Ambassador, Deputy Undersecretary for Bilateral Political Affairs, MFA
    2009-2013Ambassador, Turkish Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council (NATO)
    - October 2013 Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the Independent Decommissioning Body of the Philippines Peace Process.

Personal data

    Married, two children
    Residence: Stari Hrast 53 Rakitje, Bestovje 10437, Croatia
TEL: ++ 385 1 3330 800
FAX: ++ 385 1 3330 809